journey and destination

i’m never one for long trips. i hate hours and hours of driving or commuting. maybe that’s why i settled for working at home even if work is on a graveyard shift just so i’d avoid commuting everyday for 2 hours or more. but as i grew older and realized that life is far from what i’ve expected it to be when i was a hopeful youngster who wears rose-colored glasses like polyanna, i started to appreciate life as a journey rather than a mere destination.

in achieving dreams and goals, for instance, because humans are designed to never be contented, we always reach that point in a quest where we feel bad when we achieve what we’ve been pursuing as if not getting it at all. we feel that pang of anxiety every time we reach the destination, as if we never really reached it. maybe that’s why some say that what makes pursuing a dream exciting is not actually getting what we want but living each day with that longing in your heart. in other words, it’s always the journey that’s more exciting, not the destination.

the more exciting part is usually the lead up to the kiss and not the kiss itself, the process of exploring the possibilities of a story and not the submission of the final draft, the sights and sounds of nature you encounter along the way when going out of town and not the stop itself, and the courtship or flirting stage in a relationship and not the first year anniversary. the hunger to reach a certain point is always thrilling because you don’t know if you’re going to make it to the end or not.

so what’s the point of waking up everyday if we’ll just keep on pursuing things but never really get them? unbeknownst to us, we gain more than what we are actually pursuing. we discover what we can and can’t do whenever we work hard getting what we want. and most of all, we add spice to our lives because of the mystery in not knowing what lies ahead.

so next time, there’ll be no more anxiety in waiting for mr. right because you know you’re still being transformed into who you should be to be ready for a relationship. there’ll be no more boredom while waiting for the next vacation because every day is not just passed off as a stop over but a part of the journey. and there’ll be no more insecurity about whether or not you’ll succeed in life, knowing that success is an accumulation of everyday discoveries and victories.

the journey – as grueling as it may be sometimes, it’s what makes the destination worthy of the anxiety in waiting for the full stop.




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