love in a limbo

whitney houston’s dead but her question “where do broken hearts go?” is still unanswered. and maybe we’ll never find the answer to that because that’s just the way life is. but despite this sad reality, i still dare ask the question: “where does premature love go?”

premature love – a term that isn’t officially recognized yet by dictionaries all over the world but exists nonetheless in my vocabulary. it’s the kind of love that isn’t in its full-blown state yet but already has its roots. it’s when two people are past the flirting stage after months of constant communication but aren’t quite there yet in the commitment phase. they’re somewhere in between. they’re in a limbo. 

in a limbo – maybe that’s where premature love can be found. you and the other person don’t know how each of you would fit into each other’s life yet. you don’t know what you are to him, and he doesn’t know what he is to you either. you just know that you are special to him and he is to you.

you don’t have a “label” yet. and maybe that’s because you refuse to define whatever it is that you have. or maybe because it’s hard to define it at this point. but you know it’ll amount to something. still depending, of course, on how much effort each of you puts in. 

but is that a bad thing? maybe not. because just like a house that’s built from the ground up, you have to start somewhere. you can’t build the house without breaking ground. there has to be something to work on, so you’ll know where to go and what to do next.

but be careful when you’re in this stage because you can still get hurt. you can get hurt not because you’re giving your all like in an official relationship but because you are still holding some things back, regardless if they’re crucial to your relationship’s growth or not. and that in the end, you regret things you didn’t do more than the ones you did. 


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