the day i’ve decided that not all men are jerks

this is the day i’ve decided that not all men are jerks. and it’s not because i woke up feeling pretty damn good this morning. it’s primarily because of a miracle that happened this afternoon that made me write off bad experiences with adam’s descendants as an adventure rather than a sign the universe is conspiring against me.

this guy, let’s call him dan, particularly caught my eye while inside the jeepney because he has an eerie resemblance with a guy from my past. the built of his body and his style of clothing really reminded me of mr. papua new guinea. and also, there it was, a huge henna tattoo on his left arm. it reads “dan,” so am assuming that’s his name (unless, of course, that’s the name of his lover) .

so off we went traversing the over-crowded highway. it wasn’t until after 15 minutes that we reached our stop. my mom, who’s a disabled but can still walk with the help of a cane, painstakingly reached for the door of the jeepney when dan stood up and went down while reaching her hands to assist her in going down. we thought it was also his stop, but we were surprised he got back up again. after that, i just found myself blurting out a “thank you” in possibly the most flirty way anyone ever could. (and the irony is i don’t believe in flirting because i don’t get the point.)

this got me thinking, maybe not all men are jerks. while some may seem like they’ve been to hell and back, there is still a handful left that hasn’t been a burden to female species. i used to think that once you’ve seen one, you’ve already seen them all. but i was wrong – men still deserve to be trusted because a handful of them proved themselves worthy of trust.

but at the end of the day, you only get what you deserve. it’s not about how men treat you but how you treat yourself. because the most important relationship you could ever have is the one you have with yourself.






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