time and the lemon law

how much time should you spend with a person to know you’d like to keep him/her in your life? barney stinson said, in his “lemon law,” only 5 minutes.

just like in buying a car, he said you only really need 5 minutes to know whether or not you and the person will work out. but is this, in the least bit, true? of course not. (heck, you’d probably even spend a good 5 minutes remembering the person’s name.) but unconsciously or not, in searching for a life partner, why do we still abide by the lemon law?

in this fast-paced life, we can only seem to afford spending time on as little as 3 dates, 4 phone calls, and a few text messages while still expecting to see what we need to see in deciding whether or not a person is a keeper. we forget that  3 dates, 4 phone calls, and a few text messages don’t make a relationship. we have this habit of judging the person right off the bat. why is that so?

maybe it’s not that we have become shallow. maybe because as our society demands more from us, we try to achieve more in life. and the more accomplishments we have, the higher we raise our standards in finding the right mate. and these standards, while they may not be posted in a sign we can carry around, they’re embedded in our heads. they’re like checklists that help us avoid wasting time in doing the pre-relationship dance. so as we meet new people, immediately, our minds turn to this mental checklist to see how many boxes can be ticked.

but isn’t this a sign of insecurity? a proof we can no longer trust time and how it can bring together the right moments that could make the other person a fit for us? maybe. because in matters of love, time is both our friend and enemy. it can create great relationships, given enough amount, but it can also kill potentially great ones in as short as 5 minutes.




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