of love and courage

i have this crazy idea of going back to the place where i met this new guy. i was thinking of immersing myself in what i have been dreading to do for the sake of getting a material for a screenplay: fall in love. 

am not sure i’ll be able to do this, but something tells me this is going to be dangerous. because love is a lot like quicksand – you dip your toe in it and before you know it, you’re knee-deep in it. worse, you might even drown. 

but life, just like love, is an act of courage.

how would i be able to make my dream of writing a masterpiece a reality if i don’t do this? how am i supposed to make the story as emotionally-striking as possible if i don’t experience it first hand? 

in love, how will i be able to convince myself that love is the greatest thing anyone can experience in a lifetime if i don’t do this?

but all is not fair in love –  even in life. i might get myself hurt in the process or i might hurt him. 

so tell me, is courage enough?



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