courage and stupidity

when you’re young and you have your whole life ahead of you, the world will still forgive you if you do something stupid. because they say that it is only by making mistakes that you learn what you haven’t been taught in school.

but when you’re old enough to raise your own family, the world will see your mistakes as a product of stupidity – not courage, but stupidity.

courage versus stupidity – is there a line that separates the two?

they say courage is when you go to a place you haven’t been to and stupidity is when you go there without money or at least know someone who lives there.

courage is when you leave a job that makes you a slave and stupidity is when you quit your job without a new one yet and you don’t have any savings to help you get by.

courage is when you fall in love and stupidity is when you fall in love with a person that’s obviously wrong for you.

it’s really hard to distinguish one from the other. maybe because both can teach you a lesson that can vindicate you from fear of living your life to the fullest. in love, for instance, you won’t know how painful and wonderful it is to fall in love if you don’t experience at least once in your life being head-over-heels infatuated with a person. you won’t know what love can make you do if you don’t try to fight for a relationship that seems futile to others.

courage and stupidity. maybe being stupid every once in a while is, in itself, an act of courage. especially in love. 


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