i can’t stop myself from re-reading certain posts from this blog site that i love so much. and they all have a common theme – taking risks. this tells me that deep inside of me, it’s all i wanted to do in my present circumstances: take risk no matter how stupid it may be.

himym said that sometimes in life, we do things even though we know we’re making a big mistake just so we won’t regret anything in the end. we know, like lily, that the plate is hot but we touch it anyway. we know, like barney, that the box should be poked with holes so the mice can breathe, but we never punch a single hole anyway. and we know, like ted, that we shouldn’t fall in love with robin because it’s such a futile endeavor, but we do it anyway. all because we don’t want to regret missing out on anything in life.

mistakes: we gotta make them anyway. even if we know that people will laugh at how stupid we are. people, like marshall, will insist to look at the evidences why we shouldn’t do them. they will insist on us taking the perfect path. but where’s the fun in perfection?

it’s a mistake if i open my heart and mind to this guy. i can think of a lot of reasons why i shouldn’t keep the communication line open. i can think of a lot of reasons why i shouldn’t let him into my life. but i can also think of a lot of reasons why i should do this.

i should do this because i need to learn. and it is only by making a mistake that i can learn. i should do this for myself. this is the only way i’ll be able to know who i am outside of the comfort zone of my career. i need to know if i can really be in a relationship or if am better off being single. and most of all, i need to learn how to stand by my decisions no matter how stupid they may be.

i will do this. i don’t know what will happen once the communication line opens up. but i gotta find out anyway.



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