people have different ways of dealing with stress. some turn to binge eating/drinking to eat/drown their pain away. others head to the gym to sweat it out. 

in my 28 years of existence, i, too, have my own way of dealing with stress. but i can’t say i’ve found the one that would fit me perfectly. i’ve tried binge eating, which naturally blew me up really quickly like a balloon at a children’s party. so i’ve tried checking in at hotels, so i could have some alone time and get the ultimate relaxation. but that was too expensive for my budget. then there’s my latest: exercising. 

coping up. this is what i am aiming for whenever i try new strategies in dealing with stress. because being in this state, especially if it’s induced by hormonal imbalance during period, is never easy. 

you feel angry all the time. you feel weepy – even at the least sappy movie. you’re a ticking time bomb. without a strategy in dealing with all these, chances are, all hell will break lose and people around you won’t like it. 

but is it always just physiological? maybe not. sometimes, these are just manifestations of the bigger explosion that’s looming inside of you. you have deep-seated issues that you have to resolve, otherwise, they’re just gonna come out every time you have hormonal imbalance during period. 

and if that’s the case, is eating/drinking enough? is exercising enough? maybe not always. but maybe one thing will work: count your blessings so you won’t lose sight of the beauty of your life. 


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