i got into an accident today. it’s minor but it’s bruised my feelings more than my body.

i don’t expect people to be perfect. heck, after years of being like a teenager in an adult’s body amid a quarter-life crisis, i know better than to expect a lot from people. but of course, i still expect that when it comes to “social recipes,” people are observing them. otherwise, the world will be a much messier place to live in.

this afternoon, however, someone i trusted to be wise enough not to be insensitive about other people’s misfortunes has done the opposite. i trusted him so much that i was planning to stick with him and make him my mentor for when i take my filmmaking career to the next level. but i saw the side of him that i can never forget (forgive maybe).

i was so disappointed. my heart was broken to hear him say those words when i was right in the middle of a misfortune. he kept on spewing around stuff about virtues” and “values education” but he doesn’t seem to have a clue what he’s talking about. but to some extent, he’s right. as you get older, as you discover what makes you happy, you should also learn about what makes you unhappy. and i say, it’ll make me unhappy to keep surrounding myself with people who don’t know how to be compassionate with other people just because it’ll inconvenience them.

this experience made me realize that i should be more understanding with other people because i’ll never know what they are going through. i won’t be like him.


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