sad movies always make me cry

why do we cry over movies or tv shows? we know for a fact that they’re just a figment of the imagination. but we feel happy when something good happens to the hero, and we get sad when tragedy ensues instead. we have that big ball of mixed emotions inside our chest that we carry for almost the whole day but have no idea why we do. we feel as if the characters are real and are a part of our world.

we hate religion, fantasy stories, or anything that’s far from reality, but we are so absorbed when it comes to movies or tv shows.

maybe because it’s not really about what’s close to reality or what’s not. it’s about what brings out that side of us that we never realize has always been there. we find the stories relatable that we imagine we are the very characters that experience the story. and we just don’t get entertained – we learn a thing or two like we’re listening to a friend tell his/her tale to us.

we discover that side of us that we wouldn’t have probably even seen barring any actual experiences. and that’s a good thing in a way because we’ll be able to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

movies and tv shows are friends that give us pieces of advice all the time.


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