in a relationship

i admit it – one of the main reasons why i join various organizations and clubs is to find a prospect. (as bo sanchez puts it, “go where the good guys are.”) but it seems like everywhere i go, all the guys (the good ones) are taken. even with the ones that don’t strike me as already hitched, reality takes over and drops the “i have a girlfriend” bomb. 

is it just me or is the philippines a very bad place to be single in your near 30s? 

they say the size of your market shrinks as you age. but it made me wonder – could it be that you’re only shifting to another niche? say, you’re in your 30s. chances are, your potential boyfriend is a divorcee or someone who is no longer in a relationship with his wife. your niche shifts from the “single and ready to mingle” market to the “recently divorced/annulled” market. (or if you’re lucky, you’d probably catch a few ones who are young enough to be your brother but are into older women.) but the problem is, here in the philippines, the vow of marriage is taken very seriously no matter what happens between the couple. so just as there are many separated men, there are also a lot of men who choose to stay married despite how sucky the relationship is.

this makes me think if i am better off moving to another country where people don’t marry at an early age. some western country, for instance, where career matters to people and they don’t rush into marriage. unlike here in the philippines where everybody seems to ready to tick “get married” right off their to-do lists after graduating from college. 

the looming question now is: should i be alarmed? 


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