good days, bad days

not all days are created equal. some are good, others are bad. and this day is one of those where everything seems to go wrong.

it’s not that there is anything life-changing (in a bad way) that happened today. it’s just that in everything i did today, there was always that “blooper” moment. i spilled a box of strawberries at the grocery. i nudged my mom on the head accidentally when she was picking something up from the floor and i was beside her doing something else. i closed my browser several times today right when i was in the middle of something. and the list goes on.

i’m supposed to be mad that nothing seems to go as planned today. but am not. maybe because am realizing it’s not always about what i feel or who i am that makes my day crappy. sometimes, it’s circumstantial. i mean, i haven’t had a decent sleep. i didn’t work out and ate a bunch of junk foods last night just to keep myself awake while working. the day is crappy not because i am but because circumstances were.

i used to blame myself whenever i am having a bad day. i would always think it’s probably because i’m still immature that things get out of hand. but now, i know better than to take things personally. because sometimes, days just aren’t made to be perfect – they’re made to make you laugh at your silly self.


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