unique opportunity

it’s so easy to overlook your blessings when you’re bombarded with disappointments. you are blinded by frustrations thrown at your face that you never see how wonderful your life is. 

in my case, for instance, i have never considered taking my work someplace else besides my home. i have never considered traveling abroad or domestically without leaving work. i forget the beauty of being a freelance writer. until this article

some of these people left work just to go beyond the borders of their home countries and see the world. me, on the other hand, don’t have to do that just to travel the world. all i need is courage to actually do it. and money, of course. 

now, am asking myself, where have i been all this time? it’s like i have been living in another planet that i am not aware of everything that goes on in my life. i am very blessed with these unique opportunities, but i can’t seem to realize it. why did i let my frustrations ruin my life?

but it’s never too late. am still young and energetic. i can still catch up. it’s perfect timing, actually. because my issues have already been sorted out. and nothing’s gonna stop me now. 

thank god for this life. 


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