after all these years that i have been single, i have turned into a more realistic person – down to earth, if you will – rather than a head-in-the-clouds romantic. but every now and then, i’d still gush over other people’s stories of romances that seemed to have been toyed by destiny for a while just to put things in their proper places.

i especially like angel locsin’s and luis manzano’s love story. it’s not that i’ve been dreaming to get back with my ex like they did. it’s just that their story makes me realize that things really happen for a reason – even in love. the two have been with other people, who they thought are already meant for them. but after years of being apart, a simple exchange of text messages brought back the spark. and the rest is history.

to quote luis manzano in his interview in “buzz ng bayan:”

“I am very, very happy. Grabe how happy I am. Ang pinanggagalingan nun is faith — faith that there is something called ‘in God’s perfect time.’ It proves that every smile or every tear you go through in life has its reason. And you’re supposed to be who you are no matter what you’ve experienced in the past, whether it be happiness or a low point, you’re supposed to be there for a reason,”

i love how much he attributes what happened to faith (and god). after what happened, he learned that both good and bad things are a part of the process in making you who you should be or in bringing you where you’re supposed to be.

what he said is a reminder for me to never give up in all my endeavors because just as there are bad things to make me stronger, there are good things that  make the quest worth it. in love, for instance, just as there are heartbreaks, there are second chances at falling in love again and applying the lessons you’ve learned in your failed relationships in the past.

i’m really inspired. it got me to believe in love again. it taught me that as cliche as it may sound, the saying “if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.” is true. because if it’s really for you, you don’t even have to try that hard. just a simple gesture on your end and things magically fall into place. all because you believed.


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