life will always suck. no matter how much you try to convince yourself that you will be alright, things would happen that would make you wanna break down.

but they say you always have a choice. you always have the power whether you will take things as a personal attack on you or shake them off as just mere trials testing your true strength. but how do you know when you have to give up control? especially when you’ve been told your whole life that you can make anything happen?

maybe not even the adults who told you that lie got it all figured out. when they said you always have a choice, they didn’t consider that most of life is in the realm of the unknown. you can never tell what will happen in the next few minutes. you can never tell when things will change.

so what else is left for you to do? you can always control your reactions. while you may never be on top of things, you can always make sure you, at least, don’t drown.


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