why do we compete? for thousands of years, humans have been fighting – not just with other humans but with other creatures as well – for the monopoly of earth’s resources. in our struggle to survive in what was once an almost uninhabitable planet, we would weed out the weak so only the strongest would live.

but we are not anymore living in an era where we still have to hunt down our food for lunch. we are now afforded all the niceties and conveniences modern life has to offer. so why do we still compete with one another?

while we were told that we were created unique from each other – that we have different skill sets and interests – we all want the same things, generally speaking. we all want to succeed, to be happy, and to live life to the fullest. and in our pursuit for them,

a doctor and a writer may both want to lead successful lives. but the first one would do so in a hospital and the other in front of his computer at some coffee shop. and even if two persons happen to have the same profession, it doesn’t mean they’ll get what they want using the same process. no. because the first one may be a student of the arts who thrives in chaos and the other a master organizer who sees order and logic in things.

we are all different – not in what we want out of life but in what we do to get them. so when we compare ourselves with others and we compete, we are only setting ourselves up for unnecessary disaster. we get hurt and then think it’s a part of life. when in truth, it shouldn’t be. because nobody should tell you how to live your life just as you shouldn’t dictate others how to live theirs.

so at the end of the day, with your unique way in thriving in this world, you should only compete with yourself – outdo yourself every single day – because only you would ultimately know how you want to live your life.


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