make the most of what i have

after searching my soul and wringing my brain for a concrete reason why am letting go of my canada plan, i’ve finally found what am looking for. i am staying because i want to make the most out of what i have. 

true, it’s way more expensive to live here in the philippines considering the income and the living expenses. but i already have a great job (a great salary at that). i could use a salary increase, of course. but with what i have right now, i am already able to start making my dreams come true. plus, my job is very interesting. it is a combination of the things i love: writing, finance, and information.

it’s like they say, “don’t fix what ain’t broken.” why should i bother leaving this country when my whole life is here. my family and friends are here. my career is here. maybe after all, the opportunities are here. and maybe by moving to canada for the sake of earning more money is just me rushing to become rich. 

but bo sanchez opposes to that. and i think i agree with him. easy come, easy go. if you didn’t build your wealth from the ground up, chances are, you won’t appreciate your wealth like you would if you worked hard for it. so maybe that’s how it’d be for me if i move abroad just because i wanted to fast track my finances. 

but how else do i help my brothers without sacrificing my personal dreams. am sure god will make a way. 





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