perfect imperfection

i always forget that am just a human being and am not perfect. in all aspects of my life, i expect a lot from myself – that i’d submit perfect stories every time, that i’d be in my ideal weight for the rest of my life, or that i’ll never ever have a bad day. 

but the mere thought of achieving perfection is flawed in itself. because there is no such thing as perfection. you can only meet certain standards, but you can never be everything all at once. you can be a good listener but not a good speaker. a good boss but not a good parent. a good teacher but not a good student. you can’t always have it all.

but why are we still hell-bent over the idea that we can achieve perfection? maybe because that’s part of our being imperfect. we are wired to strive for the impossible even if our brains know how stupid that can be – even in theory. 

so what to do to stop this madness then? recognize your flaw. aim to strike a balance in everything but know that you can’t give your 100% in all aspects. there will always be sacrifices. and be fine with that. 



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