how i let go of your uncle dennis

i usually have a lot to say when it comes to love and relationships, especially after watching my favorite tv series “how i met your mother.” i can relate so much to the show that it’s able to dig up all of my issues so i can ponder over them.

this episode, sunrise, ted has finally let go of robin. all this time, he thought he was over her. he’d been with a lot of women over the past 8 years, so he didn’t think that robin is still occupying a huge space in his heart. no wonder none of those relationships he’s had worked out – he couldn’t empty the space robin has been occupying all along. and the sad part is, he realized that at the time they can’t anymore be together. because robin is already marrying his best friend barney.

to me it’s just confusing whether to call so many years of loving just one person a waste or to call it true love. in my case, it took me nearly 10 years to finally say am over dennis. although to this day, am pretty sure there’s still some part of my heart that he still occupies. it’s not that i want us to get back together; he’s just really been a huge part of my life that he’ll always be here with me.

but funny how life plays with us sometimes. just like what happened to ted, when he finally let go of robin, along came the girl he’ll be spending the rest of his life with – the bass player at robin and barney’s wedding. and it’s even funnier that she, herself, was going through a heartbreak at the time she and ted crossed paths.

i know life in tv shows are never like real life. but is it possible for me to find “the one” if i forget about dennis altogether? he sometimes appears in my dreams at night, and i have no idea why. does this mean i still long for him? and if i do, will letting him go suddenly make “the one” appear?


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