change is awesome

change can be good. it’s intimidating at first, but it becomes enjoyable in the process. it may seem impossible to get through because you may have to break yourself against it. but the truth is, that’s where you’ll find all the excitement. 

change is fun. when you embrace it, you’ll discover a lot of things about yourself. you’ll learn what your strengths are. and you’ll be amazed at how much you can do. the things you didn’t think you can pull off could be a piece of cake just because you let change draw out the best in you. the things you were so scared at first will seem like a fun game to you just because your perspective changed. 

boredom will kill you but change is what kills boredom. as paulo coelho has put it: “you think adventure is dangerous? try routine.” and he is very much correct. because without change, your life will just become a meaningless series of sunrise and sunset. it’s not that routine is bad. in fact, humans are creatures of habit, by nature. but the deadly routine that paulo coelho is talking about is that which we frequently do despite the fact that it doesn’t help us grow. and we continue to do them just because we’re too stubborn to embrace change. and when that happens, boredom is inevitable. 

change is awesome. it’s just disguised in trials with which we don’t want our comfortable lives to be messed up. 



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