in my book, overthinking and anger are pretty much the same in that they are both acids that can hurt any vessel that holds them. only, overthinking is the weaker kind. (because no one has ever died due to overthinking.)

overthinking is a sign that something is wrong, not with your circumstance, but with you. because while you may think that by overthinking, you are being prepared, you are really just being paranoid not to trust that you’ll be fine no matter what. it is telling yourself one thing, only to find out the truth is the exact opposite. so just like anger, it ruins relationships, careers, and even sanity.

in my book, it is also passing judgment on things too quickly. maybe that’s why they called it “jumping to conclusions.” and we all know very well what happens when one jumps too early too quickly – he gets hurt. and that’s exactly what happens when you overthink – you get hurt unnecessarily.

when things get blown out of proportions, there’s no one to blame but yourself. because while it helps to think out of the box in every situation, taking things as they are, sometimes, is the easier way out.


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