crazy dream

even i has been laughing at myself for having this dream. i didn’t think my career would take this direction. 

believe it or not, i am actually taking up filmmaking classes. i am particularly interested in scriptwriting, so i enrolled. and thinking about it now made me realize that this is as crazy as my dream could be. i, who is openly admitted that i might not have an artistic bone in my body, is taking a plunge into art – filmmaking to be specific. wow. just wow. 

but then i realize, some successful people became who they are because they pursued crazy dreams. (wright brothers, ring a bell?) that is maybe why am still doing this. 

so i guess you could say am somehow doubting myself if i can pull this off. but if i do, i just know it would be such a self-fulfilling moment. i would be on cloud 9 if that ever happens. 

so yeah, am doing this. coz after all, it’s the crazy dreams that make you successful, right? 😉


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