on overthinking and being positive

because am so emotionally unstable sometimes, i tend to overthink things. indeed, as a virgo, i can make mountains out of molehills. and this becomes a problem when a molehill of a problem really has the tendency to become a mountain if not handled correctly. this canada dilemma, for instance. sure, it’s a big deal but there’s a way around it because there’s always a way around things. but am stressing myself out too much because i can’t relax. (well, that’s because that’s not my personality.)

but the truth is it’s okay to be in a limbo. although on second thought, am really not in a limbo on this one. maybe i just don’t realize it enough but i’ve just found a way to know if i still wanna push through with it – by attending the filmmaking workshop. after frying my brain out of thinking too much for a solution, this could really be the solution. 

positive thinking – maybe that’s what am lacking in my life. somebody said positive thinking is only for losers because it won’t get you anywhere in life, except in dreamland. he/she said positive thinking can’t help you achieve your goal because it won’t guarantee success. well, to some extent i agree with him/her. i agree in the part where he/she said positive thinking alone won’t do you good. if you only keep dreaming of good things but never act them, you’re in for a disastrous life. but i still think positive thinking is important in that it is not just an attitude but also a state of mind. positive thinking is focus – setting your mind to your goal. it is not just being hopeful. so when you’re being positive about something, you’re not just being polyanna who wears her rose-colored glasses; you’re being a warrior princess who is determined to get what she hopes to achieve.

with that said, maybe being positive is what will help me overcome my habit of overthinking. because when i overthink, i tend to become so pessimistic that i’d lose sight of my goal. and when that happens, i’d just be hopeless prey, lying around to be trampled by the next predator. so my overthinking has to change. 

i’m positive i will change. 



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