my sacrifice

when is sacrificing for your loved one becomes too much? is it still proper to take one for the team at the expense of your own dreams?

i tried to open up my recent thoughts on the canada endeavor to my brother, who is the very reason why am pushing through with the plan in the first place. i don’t know if he just isn’t in the mood or if he’s already sleepy because it’s already past his bedtime. but nonetheless, i can tell he’s not going to agree with my decision of dropping the canada plan when we talk tomorrow.

this is hard. this is a difficult decision to make. to be honest right now, all i can think of is why am i making such a big sacrifice when they themselves can’t even fulfill their responsibility of finishing school? why do i have to give up my whole life here in the country just to move miles away without a single clue about where am headed?

i just find it unfair.

on second thought, maybe this is a sign i shouldn’t give up. since i’ve been wanting to help my brothers straighten up their lives, this is the way to do it. i don’t know anymore. there’s just a lot to sacrifice. and i don’t like it.


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