been wrestling with the thought of losing weight these past few days. it’s really hard to get that motivation because i feel like i can still be a head-turner even in this weight and size.

just this afternoon, when i went to the grocery, i really saw guys (not the ones in my type but still guys) second glanced at me. in my old self, when i looked like an old maid even though i was still young, i swear, no one even dared to look at me. i was slimmer then and pounds lighter, but no one even laid their eyes on me. 

so i guess, it’s really my style these days that make guys take a second look. i now know how to dress better and how to put on makeup that’s barely there but still enhances my features. but there’s still a drawback—i can’t find the motivation to lose weight coz i already know that i’m pretty even in this size. 

aarrrggghhh! i just hope it wouldn’t be too late when i decide to become healthy again.


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