quarter-life crisis

i only know of mid-life crisis, where middle-aged people tend to question where their life is going. i didn’t know that such a thing also exists in people who are in their mid-20’s to early 30’s. only, it comes in a different name: quarter-life crisis.

you probably have this if you’re in your mid-20’s or early 30’s, and you’re questioning where your life is going. you question whether or not your career path is where you’re really supposed to be. you also question why you are or why you are not settling down yet. and you have this habit of comparing your life with your contemporaries’ that in the end, you just feel more awful.

much like mid-life crisis in middle-aged people, quarter-life crisis is also just a phase—it comes and goes. the worst part is when it comes; the best part is when it goes away. and maybe recognizing that you have it is the first step of overcoming it. recognizing that you’re in a limbo could eventually point you to the direction where you’re supposed to be headed. but that’s just half the victory. the rest is in knowing how to come out of it.


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