solitude in silence

i’m an introvert. and i find peace in being alone. not that i don’t enjoy people’s company or that i am socially awkward. it’s just that i recharge my energy in solitude. i see no problem with this. to each his own, like they said. but what i don’t get is why to some people, i’d have to explain myself…to my mom, for instance.

i almost snapped today when she asked me why i was being quiet. she was asking me if i have a problem. and i hated that coz i don’t want any drama. so off i went to a coffee shop this afternoon to do my stuff. and as expected, i was able to regain my energy…i can face people again. 

i just hated that i had to explain why i am what i am to my mom. before i went to the coffee shop this afternoon, i was seriously contemplating about moving out of our house and getting my own place. i think i am capable, but i am sure that i won’t move out without facing dramas first. 

on the plus side, this is good that i am getting to know myself better and that i am gradually accepting myself—my uniqueness and all—without judgment. i used to hate myself for not being a party animal or for not being an adrenaline junkie. but now that i was able to detach myself from any particular social group, i got to know myself better. 

i am an introvert. and i have nothing to be ashamed of. i don’t owe anyone any explanation for why i am what i am. 


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